Cambridge/Somerville RLC

Current COVID-19 Status

The Cambridge/Somerville Recovery Learning Center is offering these Zoom support groups for their members. Click here for a video on how to join a Zoom call. If questions, please contact Director Janel Tan: or 617-863-5388

CSRLC is CLOSED all holidays/no zoom groups held.

Pathways To Recovery 11:00 am
Call: 1-929-205-6099
Meeting ID: 674 929 972

Happiness and Wellness 1:00 pm
Call: 1-929-205-6099
Meeting ID: 853 680 339

Light Moves 1:15pm
Call: 1-929-205-6099
Meeting ID: 571 389 758

Health Adventures 2:00pm
Call: 1-929-205-6099
Meeting ID: 757 239 180

NAMI Connections 10:30am
Call: 1-929-205-6099
Meeting ID: 859 002 245

Transitions 1:00pm
Call: 1-929-205-6099
Meeting ID: 897 108 799

NAMI Connections 10:30am
Call: 1-929-205-6099
Meeting ID: 621 974 217

Building Connections 1:15 PM
Call: 1-929-205-6099
Meeting ID: 593 536 452

Please call 617-863-5388 for any questions.

A recovery learning center run entirely by and for persons with lived experience of psychiatric conditions to promote and support their educational and vocational goals.

Vinfen’s Cambridge/Somerville Recovery Learning Center’s (CSRLC’s) mission is to promote, support, and empower people to go back to school or work. It is a peer-to-peer recovery and support program that instills and fosters hope and resilience for all members. CSRLC, funded by the Department of Mental Health, is a partner of the MetroBoston Recovery Learning Community, where people with lived experience of psychiatric conditions join together to promote their recovery.

Download our flyer here.

35 Medford Street
1st Floor, Suite 111
Somerville, MA 02143

The CRSRLC is on the first floor, Suite 111, at 35 Medford Street, Somerville. Push 1R in the elevator which will lead to the back of the building.

CSRLC is open to any person in recovery with a lived experience of a psychiatric condition.

Hours of operation:
Monday: 10:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 12:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Wednesday: 10:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Thursday: 12:15 PM – 2:30 PM (Independent Study Hall and Quiet Time)
Friday: 10:30 AM-5:00 PM
LGBTQ group (only) : please see current schedule

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Directions to CSRLC

Download CSRLC Current Schedule (PDF)

Closed all holidays.

Please contact Program Director, Janel Tan, 617-863-5388 or email for any questions.

Our Wednesday group is still growing and actively welcoming newcomers!

If you are a newcomer or haven’t been to the CSRLC in a while, please call ahead in case there are any last minute changes to our schedule- Thanks!