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The MBRLC is made up of financial and non-financial partnerships throughout Metro Boston. Imagine a wagon wheel with the MBRLC as the hub, with different resource centers and other programs and services as the spokes. The entity who has financial oversight is the Boston Medical Center, recipient of the initial three year RLC contract from the Department of Mental Health.

We have four Recovery Centers:

These centers offer a dedicated space for peers to drop in and partake in classes, groups and other activities. Each Recovery Center is a little bit different: the BRC and the Hope Center offer classes and groups as well as access to fitness centers; the CSRLC focuses on education, whereas the PERC focuses on employment.

This is a compassionate telephone support and referral service staffed by Peer Operators and managed by a Peer Coordinator. Our support line is accessible through a toll-free number: 877-733-7563 (877 PEER LNE).