Crooked Jacket Photovoice

As part of the Photovoice project at Waverly Place, MBRLC Community Member Crooked Jacket aka Michael Sienna created this reflection:

Kickflip, heelflip, Ollie pop and jump over the barrier. Which is scarier? Skateboarding or overcoming an emotional barrier? The connection is made, over time we all fade. We do it for the joy, not for any money that’s made. BAM, SLAM, eating pavement or your own foot – These are some of our challenges, with many more to boot. That’s why I’ve got to root for my own self and for yours to boot, too. But in the end, it all evens out – as long as we get up each time we fall, as long as we face our fears when our back’s against the wall. That way we learn it’s a process that never ends and that it’s a much better journey if we bring some friends. Over and out. This is the end, until we see what’s around the next bend. – Crooked Jacket

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