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A Place to Call Home

Stigmatized and misunderstood, we cried.
Feeling like a part of our identity has died.
The pain and shame all too much for us to bear;
And life for us is simply just not fair.

Why are so many people scared of us?
And why does the media always make such a fuss?
When will we have a chance just to be ourselves?
And have a comfortable place for our stories to tell?

Recovery Learning Communities are the key,
A chance for our voices to be heard and for us to just be.
We understand each other and the struggles we each face.
A place to support each other with amazing strength and grace.

RLCs indeed make a positive difference in our lives,
An opportunity to open everyone's eyes.
We are simply people, too, trying to balance lifes challenges, through and through.
Enriching each other's lives, we do!

RLCs are a place we can call home,
A place where we are no longer alone.
Next, my personal hope and vision would be:
Families, friends, providers, peers, society-
An interdepending balance of peace and unity.
--by Janel Kristi Tan,
Program Director of Vinfen's CSRLC, A Partner of MBRLC

Dedicated to the following groups of people: My personal faith; family; genuine friends; the leadership and community of DMH, MBRLC, and Vinfen; a particular inspirational mentor who always believes in me, guides me, supports me, and encourages me to reach my highest potential in both my professional and personal life; and CSRLC members whose endurance, perseverance, stamina and resilience truly inspire the vision of recovery to move forward.